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I'm James,

a wedding & elopement filmmaker based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I first picked up a camera when I was 13 and began capturing the countryside and wildlife big & small surrounding where I grew up in Ayrshire. This quickly grew into an obsessive hobby and it didn't take long before I entered the world of video. The rest, as they say, is history. . . 


Or, not quite.


Originally the plan was to study marine biology, though I left school and eventually found myself on a film degree course which I graduated from in 2019. Looking back it's clear I was destined for a creative life.


During my time at uni I took on all manner of freelance film work, where I stumbled across weddings. 


Since then I've been a part of over 200 celebrations across the UK.     

In my free time when I'm not editing (which is rare!) I can mostly be found braving the elements hiking mountains, sailing on the west coast of Scotland or traveling - you bet I'll have some form of camera with me!


It’s my belief that there will always be people to meet, experiences to share and places to explore. Ultimately this is what drives me and fuels my deep-rooted passion to create. 


I'm constantly honing my craft and improving my skills as an all-round filmmaker, enabling me to deliver the high quality of films I'm known for. 

Truly, it's the greatest honour being entrusted by couples to immortalise their day in films to be treasured for the rest of their lives and for generations of their families to come. 


I doubt I’ll ever tire of this as I become totally immersed and invested in each couple's story. When it comes to editing I can be found grinning (or shedding a tear) at my screen as I get to relive some immensely wholesome days. 

I would love to join you for yours. 


My Approach

Scotland day 2-Demi's Design-409.jpg

At the forefront of my mind on every wedding is the question 'how can my presence add to my couple's experience?' 

The answer for me mostly lies in that the less my presence is felt - the better. 

This enables me to capture you, your family and your guests interacting as candidly as possible. There's something so beautiful about seeing genuine emotion and documenting it as it happens.


During the day I'll only get involved in the quieter times, when I know it's called for to keep things running smoothly.


I've been a nerve-calmer, bouquet-drier, tie-tier, buttonhole-applier, paracetamol-provider, speech proof-reader, the list goes on... 

Morning preparations are when I'm most visible and 'part of the day'. I spend time chatting and ensuring everyone in the room feels at ease before reaching for the camera.


The only other part of the day where I'm slightly more noticeable, is your couple session. Weddings can be STRESSFUL and you've no doubt been told a million times that it'll go by in a flash.


It can, but it doesn't have to.


Being bombarded by guests and family can be pretty full-on.

Having time alone to chill together at some point post (or even pre) ceremony is so important, it lets you be yourselves away from the crowd and fully bask in the moment - you're now MARRIED! It also allows me and your photographer to take epic stills and clips of you guys looking your very best.

For many couples this can be the most daunting part of the day. During it I prefer not to be seen as a camera-man but rather just as a third-wheel, joining you for a mini-adventure. I won't pose you though if your freshly-married chat is drying up a little I can give you some direction, ultimately it's about having a laugh and not keeping you away from the party for too long.


Many of my couples have said this is the part of their day that they ended up enjoying the most. 


On a more artistic level, my style is inspired by the techniques I've studied and those of my favourite cinematographers and their films. 


I approach every moment thinking how I can best capture it in respect to the available natural light, colour and composition while remaining faithful to the day as a whole and to the timeless qualities I want to imbue in your finished films. 

Filming a wedding is about so much more than just pointing a camera and pushing some buttons, it's about me as a human building a relationship with you both and utilising my experience and intuition to ensure you have the most joyous &

seamless day possible.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I book?


I try to keep this as simple as I can! You can get in touch with me via the contact page. We'll then schedule a no-obligation call so I can find out more about yourselves and the running of your day. To secure your date all that’s required is a deposit which is deducted from the total amount payable.

Do you travel?

I will travel anywhere love takes me! I’ve been as far as Skye and London for weddings, whilst my commercial work has taken me to Spain, Iceland & Morocco though I’m still on the hunt for my first wedding abroad…


I don’t charge for mileage within mainland Scotland, though for weddings more than a 2hr drive I may need to stay in a hotel the night before and/or after which is chargeable.


How do you work on the day?


I like to think of myself as a guest, I try my best to be discreet and blend into the background. I love capturing candid, natural moments as I let your day unfold, all the while finding the little details and subtleties that may otherwise go unnoticed.


Do I need a 2nd filmmaker?


This is something I generally recommend if your budget allows. Both of your preparations will be covered and even more footage will be captured during the day. Logistically, it can make it easier for me to cover your day to the absolute best of my ability.


When do you start and finish?


I normally start a few hours before the ceremony until a few dances into the evening (usually 9pm). This can be extended with an hourly rate for covering fireworks / later into the night if desired. I can also cover multi-day celebrations whether in the UK or abroad.


When will I receive my films?


Within a week of your wedding I’ll have a short teaser video ready to share with you. For the rest of your films I generally say around 6 weeks, though during peak season this can be longer. I’m a perfectionist and I want you to be fully satisfied with what I’ve produced!


How will I receive my films?


I use an online gallery to deliver your films. Here you can download them in their full 4K resolution and share them straight from the site with your family and friends to your heart’s content!


Do you have insurance?


Yes, I have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

If I haven't answered your question...

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